I am a man. Why should I attend?

MBI / Photo: Uwe Bellhäuser

This will be an amazing conference with inspiring speakers and a diverse program. Regardless of your gender, this conference is for you and your future!

Inspiring role models for all
We feel that not only women but everyone can profit from female role models. Besides, our speakers represent a variety of career paths and all have inspiring experiences to share.

Tell us about your view and experience
One of our main objectives in organizing this conference is to provide space for discussions and exchange of experience. We would love to hear about your opinion on different subjects.

Learn about facts in gender studies
The plenary discussion and specialist talks about gender studies and psychology will give you new insights into the course.

Photo: Daniel Lorenz

Gender equality affects us all
Gender equality is not a women’s issue. In fact, many men who do not want to fit into “their traditional role”, also face disadvantages or even discrimination during their careers. We would be more than happy to hear about your opinion and experiences!
Furthermore, we believe that most efforts to provide the same chances for all genders will remain fruitless as long as we cannot engage all genders in a dialog. Accordingly, we have chosen the gender-neutral title “I, Scientist” for the conference, which reflects the background we want to address together with a certain self-esteem and matter-of-course.

Photo: Daniel Lorenz

Why the dinner is for women only
In the past some of us organizers have experienced that many women behave differently when they are among themselves. They open up and are more outgoing. This seems to play a big role when it comes to networking, addressing speakers and let oneself into excercises about e.g. body language. This is why we decided to provide (so-called) protected spaces in the workshops and the dinner.
Of course, we are aware that in the long run this should not be necessary. But since we cannot change the world over night, this is the path that we have chosen. We apologize to any men who feel discriminated against and hope that you can appreciate our decision.